Find me on Twitter… @JAMingay

I am Literacy Leader at a large secondary school in South West London. Based in the SEN department, I deliver Literacy lessons to a wide range of students from Year 7 to 11 and co-ordinate a number of whole-school Literacy programmes across the school.

I have a keen interest in the use of our language – in the original root meanings of words and, as a hobby, in creative writing. I’m passionate about sharing this interest with students and believe that literacy plays an absolutely fundamental role in ensuring a firm foundation is in place for all other learning to be built upon. Through my role as Literacy Leader, with an SEN focus, I aim to ensure that learning is made accessible for all students, both through working alongside mainstream teachers but also through necessary regular intervention too.

Having taught at both primary and secondary level, I see this site as a place where I’m able to share my thoughts on teaching and learning, and education in general, from the perspective mentioned above. I hope it might become a place that will challenge, provoke, entertain, question and even at some point, perhaps help … though I know that’s pushing it.

Thoughts and feedback welcome.


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